Loop maximises impact for researchers and their discoveries

We believe that science and research are the fabric of modern society and researchers are our modern-day heroes. Loop was created to celebrate these researchers and their discoveries, and in doing so boost their scientific impact.

Our mission is to enhance academic reputation and impact for researchers within their communities as well as to the public.

Loop is the first research network available for integration into all journals and academic websites – making researchers discoverable across the boundaries of publishers and organizations. In addition, we maximise the readership and discoverability for researchers, enable them to stay up to date with new research and connect with their peers.

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The Loop journey

Loop was born out of Frontiers and our mission to celebrate researchers as the modern-day-heroes that they are and place our authors, editors and reviewers at the very center of everything we do.
Here’s the full story:

  • 2014


    Boosting impact for researchers

    Frontiers re-launches the Frontiers Research Network as an open and integrated research network, Loop. As a stand-alone research network for academics, Loop links researchers to articles on nature.com, in addition to content on frontiersin.org, making researchers and their work discoverable from multiple independent websites.

  • 2013

    Frontiers and Nature Publishing Group

    Creating alliances

    In 2013, the Holtzbrinck Group, owner of Macmillan Science and Education, Digital Science and Nature Publishing Group, acquires an interest in Frontiers. While generally operating as independent businesses, this investment spurs common initiatives to advance the cause of Open Science for the benefit of both the research community and the broader public. Talks begin about an integrated cross-platform research network and Frontiers starts work to enable the integration of network functionality with potential publishing and academic partners. Nature Publishing Group is the first partner to do this, on nature.com.

  • 2012

    Frontiers Research Network

    Connecting with researchers and staying-up-to-date with research

    Frontiers launches the Frontiers Research Network, allowing scientists and researchers to connect with one another and "follow" their research activity to receive updates about their publications, lectures, events, news, and other interests. Frontiers’ open-access journals are already fully integrated into the network.

  • 2010

    Frontiers Online Profiles

    Discovering researchers and building impact

    Frontiers launches its Community Platform, introducing online profiles for its authors, editors and researchers as well as multi-media tools to enrich these profiles with their publications, videos, news, blogs, images and events. The platform was specifically designed to boost researchers discoverability, promote their work and provide feedback on performance with online impact metrics.

  • 2007

    Frontiers – a community rooted open access journal series

    Democratizing publishing

    Frontiers is launched as a grassroots initiative in 2007 by Kamila Markram and Henry Markram, two neuroscientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, together with a group of neuroscientists, out of the collective desire to empower researchers in taking responsibility for scholarly publishing, democratize the entire process and provide better online tools and services to researchers in the Internet age.

    Frontiers is now the 4th largest open-access scholarly publisher, with a rapidly growing number of community-driven journals covering all of academia, more than 50,000 researchers serving on the editorial boards and millions of monthly page views.



Lets keep in touch

Loop contains the world’s leading researchers, academics and scholars and receives millions of monthly page views. If you have any questions, would like to integrate Loop into your academic website or simply want to get in touch, please contact us.