Loop Terms and Conditions

© Copyright 2007-2018 Frontiers Media SA. All rights reserved.

These terms and conditions apply to all use of the Loop® network and website (loop.frontiers.org). By using any of the functionality of the Loop Network and/or by continuing to browse on this website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and thus creating a legal contract, governed by Swiss law, with Frontiers Media SA, owner of Loop. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions you must stop using this website and any Loop Network functionality immediately.

While all the following conditions are important, we particularly draw your attention to the provisions concerning privacy, data protection, our sending of necessary emails to you and limitation of Frontiers’ liability.

Loop’s Copyright Statement and privacy policy form part of these conditions.

1. What Loop is and its purpose

Loop® is a next-generation researcher network and platform designed to be of maximum use and relevance for researchers, research aficionados and organizations around researchers.

Loop has been developed by, and is owned by, Frontiers Media SA (Frontiers) but it is an open platform and can be integrated into other research-related websites, such as publishers of academic content and institutions, businesses and organisations who interact in any way with researchers, who can become Loop Partner Organisations. Loop Partner Organisations can provide membership of Loop to their own subscribers and members.

Loop provides a wide array of services and functions to researchers to facilitate their research and collaboration, including the chance to optimise your own profile by linking your publications to your name; facilitating interactions and collaboration with other researchers and others of interest to you as a researcher; and many other facilities.

Through Loop, researchers can profile themselves, find others conducting similar or related research and facilitate long-distance cooperation.

2.Who We Are

Loop is a division of Frontiers. Frontiers was founded by two active scientists (read more in our history section) to respond to the unmet needs of researchers around the world, to empower researchers to take responsibility for scholarly publishing and to provide equal opportunities for all researchers to publish solid, peer-reviewed research and to make that research freely available to all, without payment. Frontiers has been one of the major pioneers of the Open Access (OA) movement.

3. Conditions and Rules of Loop

By signing up to Loop or using its website in any way you are entering into a legal contract with Loop, consisting of these conditions, all relevant conditions referred to in these Conditions and all other rules of Loop communicated on its website from time to time.

Loop also agrees to comply with its obligations under these conditions and other documents.

Since you automatically become registered with Frontiers’ publishing platform upon joining Loop, you must also agree to comply with Frontiers’ general conditions, which are separate.

4. How to Join Loop

Anybody (including authors, reviewers and editors) registered with Frontiers is automatically a member of Loop. Other organizations are openly invited to become Loop Partner Organisations and thus to permit their subscribers and registered users to enjoy the benefits of Loop.

Other individuals are welcome to join Loop directly by clicking HERE.

Organisations may apply to become Loop Partner Organisations by clicking HERE.

If you are a member of several Loop Partner Organisations you should check that you have only one Loop profile. In particular, different email addresses are likely to create additional profiles.

You must use your real name when subscribing to Loop.

You may not subscribe to or use Loop in order to compete with any services offered by Loop.

5. What subscription to Loop means

By becoming a member of Loop, you have the following immediate benefits:

  • you automatically become registered with Frontiers’ publishing platform
  • a means of profiling yourself, your research and your publications to your peers worldwide
  • a practical means of identifying, contacting and collaborating with other researchers worldwide
  • an easy and practical way to be kept informed of current research, trends, conferences and other information of relevance to you and your research
  • a way to find the resources you need to progress your research
  • the opportunity to comment informally on matters of importance to you and your research and to read the views of your peers.

Functionalities will be added regularly to facilitate your research.

6. Privacy and Personal Data; Cookies

Loop respects your privacy. Please read our privacy policy, which forms part of these conditions and applies to your personal data and the way in which we will handle it.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password. Do not share your password with any other person. If your password security may have been breached, change it immediately. Choose strong passwords with a mixture of letters, numerals and punctuation marks. Avoid obvious passwords.

It is important to keep your personal information up to date. Please check it regularly.

Processing and transfer of your data: please refer to Loop’s privacy policy. Note in particular that our servers may be in multiple jurisdictions and that if you have a profile on Loop your data will be transferred to those jurisdictions.

Be aware that your public profile may be viewed by any registered Loop user, in any country, and that this involves transfer of your public data (and, depending on your settings, some or all restricted data where the person viewing is within your network) to that country.

Visibility of your profile data: In your privacy settings there is a choice of privacy settings, which can be applied to most of the information you enter.

Whatever your privacy settings, any information which is public elsewhere – such as your name as author or co-author of an article – will also be public on Loop.

Loop may check your identity with Loop Partner Organisations to avoid duplicate profiles. By registering you consent to the exchange of data (usually limited to name, email address and institution) necessary for that purpose. There is no rule against duplicate profiles, provided that the information you give for each profile is accurate and not misleading, but it may lead to confusion. Loop may advise you of possible duplicate profiles you may have, in order to permit you to unify them into one profile if you wish.

Frontiers uses a third-party software, Zendesk, to manage support requests. When requesting assistance from the Loop Support team, you are agreeing to comply with Zendesk’s Terms and that the data contained in your support request will be transferred to servers outside Switzerland and the European Union.

For any question concerning your personal data stored and processed on and by Loop, please contact us at data.controller@frontiersin.org.

Cookies: Loop may use cookies to remember your profile and preferences. If you do not wish to have the benefit of this functionality, you can disable cookies on your computer.

Loop Partner Organisations: We are not responsible for content on the website of Loop Partner Organisations nor for their treatment of your personal data. We will require those organisations to comply with all applicable laws.

Authorities: We may be required to disclose your identity and other information about you to relevant authorities investigating possible criminal offences and for other reasons within their authority. You consent to our complying with our legal obligations.

7. Rules on Content

Content you post to your activity stream on Loop is not (except for your own peer-reviewed articles which you link to Loop) peer-reviewed or subject to any other prior control. You must ensure that your content, and the content of websites to which you post links, comply with all Loop rules, including these conditions.

Neither Frontiers nor any Loop Partner Organisation is responsible for content posted by members.

Members must comply with all provisions of these conditions and with all generally accepted internet and academic norms when posting content. In particular (but without limiting the general obligation) content must:

  • comply with all accepted citation rules and norms as well as give appropriate credit for contributions
  • comply with all accepted ethical rules and norms, including any ethical guidelines we may publish
  • not infringe any intellectual property rights of any person
  • be the subject of any necessary consents or authorisations
  • not breach any conditions of any website or other forum from which that content was copied or to which you provide a link, or from any other forum from which it may have been copied or linked to
  • not be defamatory
  • not be malicious, offensive, discriminatory, threatening, racist, extremist, promote hatred or violence or denigrate any person, group of people or set of beliefs, or provide any link to any such material
  • not be pornographic or indecent
  • remain polite and respectful, especially when disagreeing
  • not ascribe any negative psychological or other labels or descriptions to any named or identifiable person without that person’s specific consent
  • not promote political, religious or anti-religious views
  • not disclose confidential information, including personal data of others, without the consent of the owner of that information or data
  • comply with all applicable laws
  • not advocate, refer to or provide a link to any website or content which would itself infringe any of these principles.

The posting of comments or other content for commercial advertising or promotion purposes is prohibited unless done our specific agreement. Please click HERE if you wish to advertise or promote a product or service.

We may remove any content at our discretion. You may also request deletion of content and we will consider such requests in their context. We may insert a place-holder to indicate that a comment has been deleted. We may retain deleted comments in our database.

Content you post will by default be visible to others. You may alter your settings to reduce access to your content by editing the default settings for each post you make.

Any content posted by you may be commented on, copied, quoted and linked to by others.

8. Availability; Viruses and Attacks; Bugs and Errors

Frontiers does not promise that the Loop website will be available for any given proportion of time. The website may be down for maintenance or upgrades, for which Frontiers will endeavour to provide reasonable notice, and it may unexpectedly crash or be down. We strive to avoid bugs through active maintenance but do not guarantee that the website will be bug- and error-free.

The constant or long-term availability of the various facilities and services provided by Loop is not guaranteed. Services may be upgraded, improved, amended, curtailed or withdrawn. We are not liable for the withdrawal of any service or functionality. Loop may in the future charge for some or all services.

You should keep back-ups of any content which you do not wish to lose. We do not guarantee to keep back-up copies of content (but we are entitled to do so).

Loop will use appropriate tools to attempt to minimise attacks of all kind but does not warrant that the website, or links posted by users, will be free from viruses and other malicious software.

9. Ownership and Rights

You continue to own content posted by you to the extent that you owned it prior to posting. By posting any content, you grant to Loop and its owner a non-exclusive, irrevocable, free-of-charge, worldwide right and licence to display, store, copy, re-use your content in whole and/or in part, and to grant a sub-licence on the same terms to all users of Loop. You guarantee that you are entitled to publish your content.

You agree that anyone visiting the Loop website may copy and re-post your content freely, without permission and without any charge, subject only to any citation requirements.

You irrevocably grant us permission to use any non-patented ideas set out in your content or in any message sent to us or posted on Loop, without any charge and without restriction, for any purpose in any part of the world.

Any content of yours appearing on the website of a Loop Partner Organisation or an unconnected website remains also subject to the conditions of that website.

Frontiers Media SA is the sole owner of the Loop network and website, the name and trademark Loop, the combination of content on the website and all rights associated with any such assets.

Frontiers is also the sole owner of all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the software constituting the Loop website. Your licence is restricted to the use of the website for lawful purposes in compliance with these conditions and any other conditions or rules put in place by Frontiers. All rights in any copyright material belonging to Frontiers are reserved.

“Frontiers In” and “Loop” are registered trade marks of Frontiers Media SA.

10. Use of Loop

By signing up for Loop or by using its facilities or services, you are agreeing to comply with these Conditions and with all other conditions and rules which we may put in place.

Certain minimum profile information is necessary to become a member of Loop. You are not obliged to complete all information, but the more information you complete, the more useful Loop can be to you. You control what services are supplied to you.

The information in your Loop profile must be truthful and not misleading.

When using Loop in accordance with these Conditions, you are entitled to submit content, participate in chats, forums and use all other facilities of Loop except for specific facilities where access is restricted or subject to conditions.

You must comply with all copyright and similar notices.

11. Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited on the Loop website and can result in your account being suspended or terminated, which Loop expressly reserves the right to do. In addition you may be liable to indemnify Loop under the indemnification provisions below:

  • Any automated or robotic data collection, scraping or crawling Loop for data of any kind
  • Gaining or attempting to gain access to another user’s account without that user’s explicit and informed permission
  • Disguising your identity when interacting in any way on Loop
  • Any activity which is designed to, or is likely to, cause any harm or damage to Loop, Frontiers, any of Loop’s suppliers or any users of Loop or Frontiers facilities
  • Any attempt to copy or reverse-engineer the code forming the website or any of its functionalities
  • Any act intended or likely to cause any damage to Loop’s website, its availability on the internet, its underlying software or reputation, including (but not limited to) denial of service attacks
  • Uploading or placing on the Loop website, or in any website to which you provide links, any virus or other undesirable code
  • Any fraudulent or illegal activity
  • Any attempt to gain unauthorised access to databases or other resources of Loop, Frontiers or their suppliers
  • Posting or linking to any content which does not comply in all respects with the content requirements set out in these conditions
  • Posting of any sensitive personal information of any other person without that person’s explicit informed consent
  • The posting of any commercial or promotional content, or any content which includes promotion of any commercial or business offering, without a specific agreement with Loop in that respect
  • The mounting or promotion of any pyramid scheme or other multi-level marketing scheme
  • Posting or linking to any content which is inconsistent with our rules, principles and standards
  • Reproduction, duplication, copying or re-selling any part of the Loop website.

12. Mobile Access

When accessing Loop via a mobile device, be aware that your provider may be charging for data use.

13. Communications

By becoming a member of Loop, you consent to receiving email and other communications from Loop and/or Frontiers.

You may opt out of certain types of messages by visiting your settings, but you may not opt out of messages on matters such as legal issues, changes in terms and conditions and other necessary communications.

If you change any of your contact details, please immediately amend your details to ensure messages from Loop are not sent to the wrong address.

14. Infringement of Your Rights

We believe in respecting the rights of all, including rights granted by law and those generally accepted in academia. If you believe your rights have been infringed, please contact us at this address: loop.support@frontiersin.org.

15. Embedding of Loop Functionality on Other Websites

We may make it possible to embed certain functionalities (such as “like” and “share” buttons, for example) on external websites. Such embedding will be subject to specific terms and conditions.

16. Conditions For APIs

These terms apply in addition to owners or developers of websites and applications using our APIs:

  • Your own terms do not bind us unless we have specifically agreed to them, and then subject to any exclusions or limitations communicated by us.
  • You are responsible for your application, its content and all uses you make of our APIs. You must comply with all our current and future conditions and policies.
  • You must only request data you need to operate your application. You must make it easy for users to contact you and you will promptly comply with all a user’s legitimate requests concerning his/her data. You may not extract data from Loop without specific agreement of Loop.
  • You must have a privacy policy clearly informing users (i) what user data you are going to use and (ii) how you will use, display, share and transfer that data. You must provide a link to your privacy policy. Your privacy policy must provide at least as much protection as our own.
  • You must comply with your privacy policy at all times.
  • You must comply with all user rights regarding their data, including deletion of data on user request and facilitating such requests in accordance with all applicable laws.
  • You may not use any user data received from us for any purpose other than profile maintenance. IN particular you may not use it for any marketing or commercial purposes.
  • You may not sell or transfer user data received from us to any third party without consent, nor transfer any such user data to any data broker or for any purpose connected in any way with advertising.
  • You may not transfer user data outside of the application for which your use of the API has been established.
  • You will comply with any demand from us to delete user data if we determine that your use or processing or transfer of it is illegal or without consent.
  • We can limit your access to data.
  • If you collect any user data separately, you may not transfer that to us without consent of that user.
  • You will make it easy for users to remove or disconnect from your application.
  • We are authorized to provide your contact details to users wishing to make a request or complaint.
  • You will provide customary customer support for your application.
  • You will not show any ads or web search boxes on our website.
  • Your licence to use our API, our code and our other property is limited to what is necessary. We may require agreement to specific detailed licence terms, which will then prevail over any other terms in that regard.
  • The provisions concerning protection of our software code apply to you. You are specifically prohibited from selling or disclosing our code or any other non-public information to any third party.
  • You will not misrepresent your relationship with Loop or Frontiers to others.
  • You may announce our cooperation but must be accurate concerning any information about Loop or Frontiers and comply with all our conditions.
  • We can issue a press release describing our relationship with you. We will ensure that any such announcement is accurate.
  • You will comply with all applicable laws including all applicable copyright, privacy and data protection laws.
  • We may review our pricing policy from time to time.
  • We can incorporate your users’ content and information (excluding personal data) supplied by or through you into content on our website. By using our APIs you give us all rights necessary to enable your application to work with Loop.
  • You give us the right to link to or frame your application, and place content, including ads, around your application.
  • We can analyze your application, content, and data for any purpose, including commercial (such as for targeting the delivery of advertisements and indexing content for search).
  • You must take all industry-accepted measures to keep your website safe for users.
  • We can create applications that offer similar features and services to, or otherwise compete with, your application.

17. Indemnity for Breach of these Terms

If you breach these terms we may suffer damage. You promise to indemnify us for every cost, loss or damage we suffer due to your failure to comply with all of our conditions and rules, so that you put us into the position in which we would have been if you had complied in all respects with our rules. This includes our internal costs, legal costs and any other costs incurred in connection with our bringing any claim against you.

18. Exclusion of Users

We expressly reserve the right to refuse applications to join Loop and/or to suspend or cancel the accounts of users, at our discretion.

19. Amendment of Conditions

These Conditions, and other conditions and rules of Loop, will be amended from time to time. Amendments will be communicated in the manner(s) appearing most appropriate. This may include email and/or notification at login. For this reason you should log out and log back in frequently to your Loop account to ensure you are aware of changes to Conditions. Amendments take effect upon that communication being made available to you, whether or not you actually log in to receive the information.

20. Limitation of Liability


Nothing in these Conditions for Website Use shall limit or exclude, or be interpreted as intending to limit or exclude, Frontiers’ liability for gross negligence (as defined under Swiss law) or for deliberate wrongdoing, or for any other matter for which, under any applicable law, liability can not be limited or excluded.

21. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Your agreement with Loop, including these conditions and all other matters referred to above, is governed exclusively by the laws of Switzerland. You and Loop agree to seek in good faith to resolve any disputes through good-faith discussion, negotiation and mediation before resorting to courts. Any dispute not so resolved shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Loop does not accept any other jurisdiction unless otherwise explicitly agreed by it in writing. You will consent to any action by us taken to stop or prevent you from bringing an action in breach of this clause, and to indemnify us for our costs in bringing such an action.

Privacy Policy

© Copyright 2007-2018 Frontiers Media SA. All rights reserved.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By using the Loop Website and its facilities (loop.frontiersin.org), you consent to the use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. You and we agree to comply with Loop’s Privacy Policy as in force from time to time.

Note that by becoming a member of the Loop research network you also become a registered user of the Frontiers publishing platform (www.frontiersin.org), whose privacy policy (http://www.frontiersin.org/PrivacyPolicy.aspx) will apply to you when using its facilities.

Our Approach to Data Protection and Privacy

We take the privacy of all users of the Loop research network very seriously. This Privacy Policy outlines how your personal information submitted to the Loop network will be treated. Our privacy policy will be reviewed and enhanced from time to time and you should check this page to see our most up-to-date policy. If you would like any further information or have any comments about our Privacy Policy or any other aspect of our use of your personal data on Loop, please contact us at data.controller@frontiersin.org

The Loop website, and its access and use, are governed by the Loop Conditions of Use, which you must read and accept as a condition to using the Loop research network.

You should be aware that by registering on Loop you automatically become a registered user of the Frontiers publishing platform (www.frontiersin.org), which will maintain a separate profile for you subject to Frontiers’ privacy policy for its publishing platform.

Loop Partner Organisations

We will exchange your basic data (usually your name and email address) with Loop Partner Organisations in order to minimise duplicate profiles. We will require those organisations to comply with data protection law and to take adequate measures to protect your personal data.

What information do we collect?

In order to provide you with our services, we may collect and keep a record of personal information about you from our website. This information may include general information such as your IP address, date/time of the access, details of files or pages consulted, page from which the access took place, top level of the domain name (.com, .ch, etc), internet navigator and operating system used.

If you opt to register we will ask for, and keep, certain personal information. There will also be optional feedback forms, for which (if you choose to respond) you may be asked to provide additional information. We may keep track of some of the activities you carry out on Loop, such as posting material, creating events, viewing Loop pages, etc. We may retain the details of transactions or payments you make on Loop. We may collect information about you from the activities of other Loop users, such as when a user invites you to an event.

We may also use cookies (please see below).

How will we use your information?

The data collected from use of Loop by any user is kept for statistical purposes, and may be used to provide personalized views and services to you.

The data collected during the registration process is kept for identification purposes and is for Frontiers’ and its licensees’ and subcontractors’ use only (unless you set your privacy settings to allow others to see your information). We will also exchange your basic data (usually limited to your name and email address) with Loop partner organisations to verify identities and to minimise duplicate profiles. The data collected may be kept and used by Frontiers and Frontiers’ licensees and subcontractors, as well as Frontiers Research Foundation, a not-for-profit Swiss foundation, inside and outside Switzerland or your country of residence, for non-commercial and commercial purposes. The data collected will not be communicated to other third parties, except Frontiers’ licensees and subcontractors. Frontiers will not sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to third parties except as described above.

We will usually store your personal information for the period in which you use Loop (or any of them) and for a reasonable period after you cease to use them. Please inform us when you cease definitively to use the Websites. We reserve the right to keep information for a longer period if necessary, for example to investigate breaches of our terms of use.

Information available on Loop

If you choose to register, please select in your profile which of your personal information (if any) you wish to be visible on Loop. Frontiers’ Websites. If you do not make a specific selection of privacy level in your profile, the default settings will be used. Please go to your account settings to ensure your privacy level is as you wish. Please be aware that the privacy settings on Loop and on Frontiers’ publishing platform are independent of one another and so you need to visit your profile and adjust your privacy settings on each of those websites.

Your name must always remain public.


In common with many other website operators, we may use standard technology called 'cookies' on this site. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Our cookies enable us to identify you and to store information about the services you use on your visits. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser to prevent cookies being stored. However, if you do turn cookies off this will limit the service that we are able to provide to you. Please ensure that your browser's cookie settings are as you wish.

Transfer and use of your information to other countries and to third parties

The server on which this website is hosted may be outside the country from which you access this website and may be outside your country of residence. Due to the manner in which information is transferred on the Internet, it is likely that information exchanged between you and Loop will be routed via other servers in different countries.

Your information may be transferred across country borders, potentially to countries where data protection laws provide a lower level of protection than in your country of residence. By submitting any personal information to Frontiers you consent to such transfer.

Frontiers uses a third-party software, Zendesk, to manage support requests.  By soliciting assistance from Loop Support, please be aware that you are consenting to comply with the Zendesk Terms of Service and that your data, related to support requests, will be stored on servers based outside Switzerland and the European Union.

Basic personal data (usually name and email address) of registered users of LOOP may be exchanged with LOOP Partner Organisations to confirm your identity and to minimise duplicate registrations.

Personal data will be exchanged between Frontiers’ publishing platform (www.frontiersin.org) and Loop (loop.frontiersin.org). The data controller for both is Frontiers Media SA, Lausanne, Switzerland.

We may be required to make personal data available to relevant authorities who require disclosure of information within their responsibility and authority.


We take the security of your personal information seriously. We have security procedures in place to protect our visitor database from loss and misuse, and only allow access to it when necessary, and then under strict guidelines as to what use may be made of the personal information contained within it.

This website may contain links to other websites. We have no control over, and are not responsible for the content of, privacy policies or security of such sites. We recommend that you check the privacy and security policies of each website you visit. Where that other website is run by a Loop Partner Organisation, we will require that organisation to undertake to comply, at a minimum, with Frontiers’ own data protection standards.

Your right to access and manage your personal information

You have the right to receive information about the personal data we hold about you and to have your information amended or deleted. A fee may be chargeable for this information, amendment or deletion.

To gain access to your personal information stored on this website, or to have it amended or deleted, please contact data.controller@frontiersin.org.